Wave 2 updates in D365 for Marketing

6 Upcoming Dynamics 365 for Marketing Features to Boost Campaigns, Customer Experience, and Relationships

With new Dynamics 365 for Marketing features rolling out from October 2019, you can manage activities and workflows, produce winning email campaigns, and create defining customer experience – to best achieve your marketing goals.

Since the last update, we have a lot to look forward to in Dynamics 365 for Marketing in terms of efficiency and performance.

Let’s round up 6 major features announced for Dynamics 365 for Marketing in the Wave 2 release plan, that will help you maximise on your marketing efforts.

6 Exciting Features in Dynamics 365 for Marketing

1.     Approve Activities in a Single Click Using Microsoft Flow

Approve campaigns, emails, or other activities with a single click. Dynamics 365 for Marketing now includes Microsoft Flow to help workflow and approval processes. Managers and colleagues will receive notifications if there is any new approval request.

Workflow Approval

2.     Send High-Performing Emails with A/B Testing

Emails are a vital part of any marketing campaign. With Dynamics 365 for Marketing, you can now create and send different email designs to determine which ones produce the best results.  

Email A/B Testing

3.     Generate actionable insights with Customer Insights integration

Using Customer Insights, you can now leverage actionable intelligence with the data accumulated in your Dynamics 365 for Marketing. The AI-driven Customer Insights will provide you an all-round view of each individual contact, that’s easy to understand and use.

Customer Insights

4.     Create stellar customer experience & make smarter decisions based on Surveys

It’s easy to create surveys to measure customer sentiment and satisfaction at every touchpoint. Surveys help you make smarter decisions by capturing and analysing this feedback. Microsoft Forms Pro as part of Dynamics 365 brings a rich set of capabilities for asking about customers’ needs. You can automate this by including them in the criteria for segmentation, lead scoring, or branching a customer journey.

5.     Design Beautiful Content with Layout Editor

With this release, Microsoft continues to make it easier for you to design and modify published content. Its graphical content-creation and design tools make visually rich emails, simple to design and execute. And the visual email designer now provides a layout editor for designing multi-column layouts.

Layout Editor

6.     Quickly Send Blast Emails in Bulk

If you need to send a quick email in bulk to customers such as notifications, updates or notices that don’t require testing beforehand, then the new October release will make this easy and intuitive.

Quick Send Emails

Dynamics 365 for Marketing continues to evolve with new features, providing more fluency and improved processes. Using the application, you can find and nurture sales-ready leads for your business and increase collaboration between sales and marketing departments. 4

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If you’re considering Dynamics 365 for Marketing or any other marketing automation platform, it is imperative to define your objectives and technology requirements before looking for a solution in order to find the best fit for your organisational needs.

Seelogic are product agnostic, this means we look at the best fit for your needs whether that be for current challenges or for a transformational vision. We use our experience and technical skills to provide trusted advice and proven solutions.

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation on 01296 328 689. Or email us at info@seelogic.co.uk.

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