ClickDimensions Summer release

There is a host of great new features available in ClickDimensions Summer release. Version 8.8 was made available in the US back on 10th July and all other regions on 1st August. Version 8.9 was released in the US on 7th August and will be available elsewhere on 27th August. That is a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK, so we have our calendar set to upgrade first thing on Tuesday. Most ClickDimensions customers will be able to use the auto-update feature to download or initiate the update. SeeLogic customers can contact us if they need any further assistance.

Let’s take a look at the new functionality:

Social Posting from within Dynamics 365

ClickDimensions users will now be able to post to major social media platforms from within Dynamics 365! Not only can you post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ you will be able to see special Page View records for any clicks on links within the post. To use the latest solution file, setup a CNAME and connect to your social profiles. Of course, if you are a SeeLogic customer, you can also speak to our support team for further advice.

Improvements to Email Send experience

When you upgrade to the new version and go to email send entity, you may notice that things are laid out differently. The fields are still there, they have been rearranged based on feedback, to make the send process easier.  Once the email is sent, the send statistics will be easier to see, with a new position at the top of the screen. This should make it even easier to set up, send and analyse performance.

Improvements to Email Statistics

Social statistics graphs have been moved to the Email Statistics button at the top of an email send plus the overall look of the graphical stats window has been updated. There has been an update to security and now users must have full read permission in order to see the Email Send Record Ribbon.

Web Visits Generated

ClickDimensions Summer release sees a completely new field that will show the total number of visits that were generated from an email sent. This new field is added in “Web Visits Generated” and automatically counts all visits associated with the send.

Pending Email Sends

Once the new version is released it will be even easier to follow along with where your email is in the sending process. A new Pending view has been added to the list of views on the email send. This shows all email sends that are pending, in progress, or throttled.

Other updates

There are lots more updates, here is a very quick overview:

Quick send email templates

There is a new view called Quick Send Email Templates which displays only the templates marked for quick send.

Survey & Import Enhancements

It will be possible to import and export survey questions from one environment to another. Form fields now import and export with their mapping and show a list of fields that failed to map.

Separate Solution File for Dynamics 365

There is now a separate ClickDimensiosn solution file for Dynamics 365 environments. There is also an app in Dynamics 365 to see all ClickDimensions in one place.

Sun-setting Nurture Campaigns

As with all upgrades, there are some features which no longer make the grade. After the Summer release, the Nurture Program feature will be phased out in favour of Campaign Automation feature. If you use Nurture Program feature regularly then you may want to review this ClickDimensions help article here. advice.

This is just a quick tour of the exciting features in the ClickDimension Summer release. You can find out more about all the new features by visiting ClickDimensions here for version 8.8 or version 8.9.

SeeLogic customers can contact the support on 01296 328 689 or for further.

If you do not currently use ClickDimensions for your marketing automation and are now intrigued, we would be delighted to arrange a demonstration for you. Contact us on 01296 328689 or email

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