Microsoft Inspire Day Two Highlights

Microsoft Inspire Day Two – Read the highlights here!

Second Day Keynote

After a very informative first day we were excited to get stuck into the Microsoft Inspire Day Two vision keynote, today we heard from many inspiring speakers, one of which was Easton LaChapelle who designed an affordable ground-breaking 3D printed robotic limb at 14 years of age, subsequently founding Unlimited Tomorrow. This inspiring story led into information from Microsoft around Digital transformation, and how this can influence and inspire people’s day to day lives.

Microsoft discussed how technology can be used to save lives. Dr Ola Olagoyinbo (From USAID) explained how through monitoring the detection, treatment and management of HIV in South Africa they aim to achieve their 90-90-90 goal. This is that 90% of all people living with HIV in SA should know their status, 90% are engaged in care for their HIV and that 90% will have effective therapy. Their CRM solution utilises Azure, PowerBI and machine learning to spot trends and offer solutions, in turn they estimate over 500,000 lives have been saved so far.

Microsoft is bringing more focus to the education sector, their acquisition of LinkedIn and Mojang – which offers a code only version of Minecraft to education organisations to help teach children how to program. This really highlighted the commitment and importance Microsoft dedicates to the education sector. Microsoft is changing how it will engage with partners to ensure a more effective and seamless process. We are looking forward to these positive changes in partner management. You can now convert your own voice into subtitles in real-time using PowerPoint. These subtitles can also be translated into 20 different languages in real-time. The subtitles are not only for display, they can also be used to index slides for fast searching. Microsoft Stream converts video audio into text and then indexes the video, enabling you to search for what you have said, this can then be found in the video along with the associated time slice.

Microsoft’s Frontline worker solution provides workers with the right tools and solutions to manage their time effectively, improve their skills through training and share knowledge and ideas. Offering a great solution for hotel and cleaning companies, as well as a wide range of other industries.

Microsoft Inspire Day Two – Overall Theme

Day 2 was a positive day; showing how digital transformation impacts people’s lives.

Favourite presentation of the day and why?

“Using Skype for collaborative working sessions helped surgeons provide real-time support for surgeons in remote parts of the world.  Surgery in countries like the US and UK are common place but in places like Armenia the experience does not exist.  Now the doctors from around the globe can assist with operations and provide support in making potentially life and death choices in the operating theatre.”

Top quips overheard at Microsoft Inspire day two?

“LinkedIn integration with Dynamics 365 is going to get better and better.”

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