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Our Media & Publishing CRM & ERP solutions help support your company’s end-to-end business processes:

Automate your business processes in a single platform

Team Integration

  • Get your teams up and running quickly & cost-effectively
  • Track prospects, manage advertisers, create insertion orders and extract real time reports
  • Empower your sales team & forecast ad impressions and ad revenue better
  • Log orders, invoice subscriptions or take payment online, and easily synchronise data with your finance system

Advanced Reporting Insights & Ad Delivery

  • Allow advertisers to self-serve reports through portals
  • Track performance of your delivery and use predictive analytics to forecast ad impressions
  • Organise chunks of raw data and implement data-driven operations
  • Customisable dashboards & greater visibility

Streamlined Operations & Integration

  • Integrated with other solutions such as Microsoft Office and Power Apps to increase productivity
  • Sales & management teams can quickly access data from a smartphone, tablet or any desktop
  • Google Ad Manager Integration
  • Automated file management & real time production run-sheet
  • Effective event management

360° View of Customer Management Cycle

  • Get a holistic view of your entire publishing business
  • Manage your end-to-end business processes in one, unified system
  • Manage your complete digital inventory
  • Monitor all aspects of sales: selling insertion orders to advertisers and subscriptions


Our publishing solutions are crafted using the following technologies


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