We have helped many organisations optimise their marketing operations by aligning performance strategy, process, marketing technology and data with the customer experience. Being an independent consultant, your needs are central to our service as we evaluate which platform suits you best depending on your requirements, budget and complexity of campaigns. Our approach is simple: we choose the best technology that aligns your needs and provides you with strategy, implementation, and training to help you succeed with the platform.

Apart from the marketing platforms already within Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics 365, we also have expertise on other popular platforms like Marketo, MailChimp, and ClickDimensions.



Marketo offers applications that focus on a range of digital marketing capabilities such as marketing automation, account-based marketing, email, digital ads, and marketing analytics. Organisations looking for advanced analytics and workflow functionality can benefit from this platform.

Organisations can also benefit from the software’s predictive analytics and modelling based on content preferences, CRM data integration, and online behaviour pattern.


Mailchimp is a popular email marketing tool but also a very effective marketing automation tool that helps organisations use email to market their products, follow up their prospects and turn leads into sales.

Its marketing automation functionality allows users to personalise their marketing with strong automation that talks to their customers just like a real-life marketer. It also integrates with e-commerce stores and sends personalised product recommendations.


SalesFusion is a very unique marketing automation platform as it is built on a CRM database that can integrate at a deeper level of any CRM systems.

SalesFusion boasts features like multi-channel campaigns, campaign planning, and email marketing. It is designed to connect marketing and sales activities that allows organisations to maximise their ROI on campaigns.


Dotmailer is a very easy-to-use marketing automation platform that allows users to build emails, automate the marketing processes, test and send emails in a very quick time. With its drag-and-drop template, it is very fast and productive to run an email campaign.

It is also loaded with functionalities such as campaign management, strategic services, custom integrations, deliverability, creative studio, and training. Also, Dotmailer’s interactive dashboard allows users to get insights like how the leads are interacting with the email campaign and how the email campaign is faring.


ClickDimensions is an easy to use email marketing and automation service specifically for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With ClickDimensions, a user is provided with a suite of services which includes email & SMS delivery, automation, reporting, and training. It also provides additional tools such as web forms, surveys, lead scoring, landing pages, and social discovery.


Thunderhead is a customer engagement platform that enhances customer experience across multiple channels and platforms. Providing a detailed visualisation of the customer journey, Thunderhead allows you to map, monitor, and optimise omnichannel customer communication.

Thunderhead’s One Engagement Hub provides a variety of intelligence tools that give real-time analytics, journey visualisation, and actionable insights. It can also help the marketing team create personalized content based on customer behaviour, and deliver it at the optimal time to the right channel or device.


Owned by Salesforce, Pardot is a marketing automation tool to automate the lead generation and lead nurturing process. Organisations using Salesforce CRM can leverage Pardot for 360 degrees of marketing automation such as to create leads, generate pipeline, and empower sales to close deals.

One of the most popular marketing automation tools, Pardot can help marketers drive their pipeline by sourcing the hottest leads and creating highly customised campaigns that target their ideal buyers and move them through the sales cycle to maximise ROI.


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