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Also known as Salesforce Wave Analytics, businesses can use this platform either by adding it to their Salesforce productivity kit or by using it as a standalone service. It integrates seamlessly with other Salesforce cloud services like Marketing, Service or Sales to generate insightful data that will help enhance their business performance.

Analytics Cloud enables users to build custom dashboards tailored to their business needs. Combining multiple data sets from other Salesforce platforms, businesses can easily generate the type of analysis they want. While integration between various platforms being key here, Analytics Cloud has a high level of data privacy and data protection functionalities.


Analytics Cloud can offer a lot of benefits to organisations regardless of their scope of operations. Using Analytics Cloud, businesses can have benefits such as easy exploration of dashboards, cloud deployment, easy accessibility of data and instant data access.

  • Despite having a multiple data sets, Analytics Cloud has a very simple and easy-to-use dashboard and it allows to create highly complex and intuitive reports very easily.
  • Analytics Cloud allows its users a unified view of their business, aggregating information from multiple sources into a single data warehouse system.
  • It gives businesses well-managed information about the current trends like the increase or decrease in productivity. Not just limited to displaying the trends, but also showcasing all the possible reasons for what caused it.
  • All the data entering the system are highly encrypted to avoid intrusions and mistakes which can deploy a database.
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