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The aim of IoT Cloud is to provide businesses with the power of the immense data collected from connected devices and enable their users to create and customize their own apps to handle such data. One of the major advantages of the IoT Cloud is that it makes the big data collection process easier for business users so that less technical users do not have to rely on data analysts to get the most out of it.

The IoT Cloud features an event-processing engine that captures billions of events per day and allows customers to build rules on top of that data to identify specific events to act on. The cloud has output connectors that connect to other Salesforce cloud or third-party system.


Salesforce IoT provides an integrated IoT solution that enables businesses to create engaging experiences across every connected product. Some of the benefits include:

  • Helps businesses process and leverage massive data coming from all the devices and gives them meaningful insights which they can use to improve their business processes and customer service.
  • The data derived from IoT and its analysis can help other divisions of a company like sales and marketing by driving their clients to the services and products that suit them.
  • IoT Cloud can analyse a client’s purchasing history, buying behavior and interests and feed relevant information to client’s devices like desktop and mobile in real time.
  • IoT Cloud’s low code technology allows people closer to the customer make the most out of the customer data and use for the maximum customer experience.
  • IoT Cloud connects any devices to Salesforce systems and brings the full context of the data so that businesses can make real-time decision making.
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Best-Fit Solutions

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Deep-Level Technology Expertise

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