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Salesforce Marketing Cloud incorporates integrated solutions for customer journey across every touchpoint, with content creation, content management, and data analysis. The platform includes a predictive analysis tool that allows marketers to make decisions in selecting the right channel for a given message.

Journey Builder, one of its important features, helps marketers tailor campaigns to customers’ behavior, demographics and preferable communication channel. It also allows marketers to easily build emails using dynamic and predictive content with drag-and-drop editing and intuitive scripting language. The marketing cloud, when integrated with Sales and Service cloud, provides a coordinated unified experience and prevents customers from being contacted separately by marketers.


One of the key benefits of Marketing Cloud is that it listens to customers’ signals — like how they are behaving — across various channels, which allows marketers to use their information to deliver personalised interactions. Also, that customer information is used to predict future actions. One other important benefits one can get from the Marketing Cloud is that the system tracks customer health, and based on the data, customer satisfaction with the product can be measured.

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Best-Fit Solutions

Best-Fit Solutions

We start by understanding your business, its objectives to help you design a CRM strategy to align people, process and technology. We provide a suite of end-to-end services to ensure you gain maximum benefit from your chosen solution.

Deep-Level Technology Expertise

Deep-Level Technology Expertise

As Salesforce partners and with Centres of Excellence focused on the different areas of the CRM stack, we design innovative solutions leveraging the latest product features.

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User At The Heart

User At The Heart

Its no point having an all singing, all dancing CRM if your users don’t understand the benefits. Our approach ensures your users are supported through your CRM journey and love the final outcome.

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